For many businesses, efficient communications and data networking infrastructure has evolved from a novelty to an essential and strategic component of the marketing mix. Driving this shift has been the continued growth in business globalization and in Internet use by both businesses and their customers as a commerce medium, which translates to ever increasing business volumes, exposure to risk and technological downtime as well an increase in competition.

Proprietary or outsourced communications solutions often implemented during the early stages of adoption were adequate to get the business open, but as the business matures and drives to achieve profitability it faces several key challenges:

  • Scaling communications performance to maintain acceptable response time for your customers.
  • Expanding communications options for your customers to capture more business.
  • Controlling risk and minimizing losses from downtime.
  • Minimizing infrastructure or customer handling costs to maximize profitability.
  • Integrating with other sales channels, business systems and processes.
Increasingly, successful and profitable enterprises and service providers are choosing VNT for solutions to these challenges:
  • VNT solutions are scalable, cost-effective and efficient.
  • VNT has the experience to identify, recommend and implement the most suitable communications solutions to achieve peak business performance.
  • VNT stays abreast of the latest in technological industry advancements in communications and this knowledge is passed on to our customers so that they may benefit from such innovations.
In addition, VNT Consulting Services are available to provide the functional and technical assistance to implement secure communications solutions tailored to your needs. Our team can help you in all phases of implementation, including:
  • Pre-Implementation Planning
  • System Selection and Integration
  • Training
  • Ongoing Support
  • Planning for Future Business Needs
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